Galaxy S22 Ultra Leak Suggests Samsung Will Include S-Pen Note Slot

Don’t panic that Samsung Past on Galaxy Note In 2021… you might be getting your pen-equipped phone in no time. The OnLeaks Frequent Guide Sharing Files With ZoutonAND 91 mobiles AND number It is said to show designs for next year’s Galaxy S22 phones, including the Ultra model aimed squarely at Note fans. It would be effectively a complement to Galaxy Note 20Equipped with an S-Pen slot and reduced angles. There will also be a fourth camera that you haven’t even seen in S21 Ultra, although it is not clear what job you will get.

However, other models will not be very exciting. If renderings are accurate, renderings suggest that the S22 and S22 + (possibly the flagship S22 Pro) will not radically differ from the The S21 out of. They wore a flat back and a slightly polished camera, but not much more than that. Most of the changes will be located below. Rumor has it that regular S22 models are hopping to a 50MP main camera (down from 12MP) and are using Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon chip or its Samsung equivalent. Exynos.

OnLeaks / 91 Mobile

It is not known with certainty when Samsung will launch the S22 family, although it has notably raised the launch of the S21 to January of this year. If the company repeats this pattern, note enthusiasts may have to wait a few months longer than usual for the fix. That is, if you have not yet purchased the S21 Ultra or Z fold 3 And the right stylus: The lack of clear messages about the future of the Note may have cost Samsung some sales.

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