Gale unroofs more than 50 homes in the Los Campanos II neighborhood

More than fifty homes in the Los Campanos II neighborhood, in the municipality of Soledad, ended up roofless due to a gale. The emergency occurred in the midst of the downpour that fell on Sunday afternoon and was accompanied by strong winds.

Luz Stella Escorcia Martínez, a resident of the sector, has not yet recovered from the anguish she experienced because of this natural phenomenon.

“I was on the first floor of the house, I was going out to the patio when I felt a very strong breeze. At that moment I ran out to the street and began to see the prints fly like little birds. When I went up to the second floor of the house, I saw that the roof was not there, ”explained the woman, who lives on Calle 73E with Carrera 13C in this sector.


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