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2022.9.25[Fan club]

9/25 (Sun) at Panasonic Stadium Suita “LEG FAN PARTY 2022was held.

Held at Panasonic Stadium Suita for the first time in three years, “GAMBA FAN FESTA” is the largest annual fan club festival.this year about3,600All the fan club members of the event came. Limited to visitorsRohto PharmaceuticalThank you for your support,hand veil” was given as a gift.

the theme is“BE THE BLUE, BE THE BLACK ~Autumn athletic meet against blue and black~”

From the opening to the appearance of the players, the YouTube club official channel “CAZI walk” was recorded publicly. TEAM BLUE captain Fukuoka and TEAM BLACK captain Fujiharu made appearances, and they had a lively talk with MC Ryo Kaji.
In addition, you can experience riding the bus that the players use during the bus ride” was also implemented!

This year, the first part was on stage, and then the second part was on the pitch. In the first part, we challenged the Guinness Challenge and quiz, and the blue and black teams competed on the stage.
note that,Only one copy is archived on the YouTube club official channelSo please take a look.
Simultaneously with the first part, only premium members can take pictures with the players on the pitch side.Photo session“You can get a sign on the spot”Autograph session” was also implemented.

In the second part, on the pitch, all players participate in the “blue-black showdown“The we.
The competition using the ball was a little different from usual, and it closed the autumn athletic meet!

In the 3rd floor concourse,smart news boothexhibited.
A lottery was held to “surely win!”, and about 3,000 people downloaded the “Smart News” app and subscribed to the Gamba channel!
In addition, the talk show by Mr. Fukuda, Mr. (Yuki) Yamamoto, Mr. Yamami, and Mr. Nakamura also showed excitement and was a great success.

At the official goods shop Blu SPAZIO, GAMBA FAN FESTA 2022 limited T-shirts and player’s face towels are on sale!
Gamba Osaka Official Partner “Kishimoto Urology Clinic”, and we posted the logo!

Summing up the points of the 1st and 2nd divisions, the winner was “TEAM BLACK“was!
The defeated TEAM BLUE player was given a penalty game, and the showdown ended with laughter.

And at the end, Director Matsuda said, “Put everything on the line in front of you” was a powerful message for the remaining four games, and the match ended.

We would like to ask for your continued enthusiastic support for the team that is climbing up through this GAMBA FAN FESTA!

Thank you very much to everyone who came to visit us, and to everyone who watched it online on YouTube live!

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