“Gambling Card Inscryption” PC Multi-platform Synchronously Launched The Latest Trailer A glimpse of the interactive card design, thrilling and exciting sensory experience-Technology

The world-renowned independent game publisher Devolver Digital and the development team Daniel Mullins have worked hand in hand to launch the latest dark card game “Inscryption” on the shelves today. The PC version players will be able to use platforms such as Steam, GOG and HumbleBundle. Purchased at NT$378. The official update of the weird preview video is synchronized today to satisfy the players’ love of horror.

Inscryption – Out Now on PC

Players will be trapped in a predicament created by a strange sadist. All you know is that his name is Leshy. He asks you to use craftsmanship, surgery, and even self-mutilation to gather a deck of jungle creatures as the theme. Explore the deeper secrets behind the wall of his cabin.


In the latest trailer of “Gambling Card”, the mystery of the game is further revealed. Through deck construction and dungeon-like game mechanics, players must collect cards with various jungle creatures as the theme step by step to win the game.


Players sitting at the poker table can observe many details in the surrounding environment. In addition to feeling all kinds of weirdness and horror, they are also rich in puzzle solving and escape fun. You will fight for yourself as well as for the cards-“they” will probably talk to you constantly at the table. Whether these contents are credible or not depends on your judgment.

Those dark and unknown secrets are engraved on the cards in your hand; will you believe them, or will you refute the rumors of these animals and escape to life?

“Gambling Card” has been open for purchase on platforms such as Steam, GOG and Humble, priced at NT$378. Follow the game’s official website, Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) and development team Daniel Mullins (@DMullinsGames) on twitter to get the latest game information.


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