Gameplay, Blade & Soul 2 ‘Properly show off gameplay through various special broadcasts’

[게임플] NCsoft’s new open world action MMORPG ‘Blade & Soul 2 (hereinafter referred to as BLADE 2)’ has raised expectations by introducing special broadcasts and web entertainment to solve gamers’ curiosity before release.

Blossom 2 is the official sequel to the original PC online game ‘Blade & Soul’ and features a worldview that is connected to the original point of view in a unique way, an open world boasting a wide range, and a groundbreaking battle system based on cutting-edge AI technology.

As expectations for BLUESO 2 are rising day by day, NC hosted a special broadcast by inviting ‘Nanning-gu’, a mobile game BJ on Afreeca TV.

In the broadcast, Nanning-gu had time to learn more about Blossom 2 with BJ Nari. In the last broadcast, there was a lot of dissatisfaction with playing the game, but this time, to solve the disappointment to the fullest, I connected to the game from the beginning and proceeded with various contents.

Blossom 2, shown in the broadcast, boasted the latest graphics technology. The transparent view down to the bottom of the water, the natural processing of distant areas, and the free motion of the characters made me want to play this game quickly.

The first thing that caught my attention was the ‘Season Pass’. Nanninggu, who delivered the news that there was no transformation drawing in the last broadcast, briefly looked at what kind of billing model it was composed of, and it seems that it will be of great help to use the season pass, which allows even small bill users to receive meaningful items.

In relation to this, Nanninggu said, “You can think that the price will be expensive as it is a high-grade item. It is surprising that there are no equipment drawing, costume drawing, and transformation drawing.

Afterwards, Nanninggu explored the vast open world and hunted monsters, demonstrating the action, hitting and nurturing process of Blossom 2.

In particular, in PvP with the development team, control, judgment, and strategy are more important than equipment, so it was expected that the original e-sports competition ‘Untitled’ could be held again.

At the end of the broadcast, Nanninggu said, “The broadcast will start at noon on August 24 and the eve will be held.”

In episode 5 of the web entertainment ‘Because It’s My First Time’, which has recently been explosively popular, I had time to experience the boss raid for the first time since its launch compared to live broadcasting.

The missions in the live broadcast were a time attack of light work and a boss raid with Moonpawon. Shindong, Hayoung, Kim Hee-cheol, and Nam Joo-eun to experience this in advance.

At this time, NC disclosed the judging criteria on a live broadcast. The list included whether real-time communication was active, whether to respond wisely to unexpected comments, whether to play the game in a fun way, and whether to actively react to donations.

In other words, a unique strategy was needed as it is important not only to solve the mission, but also to communicate closely with the viewers.

The Shindong Munpa, who focuses on communication rather than the game, and the Kim Hee-cheol, who pays more attention to game missions, provided different fun and made people look forward to live broadcasts in the future.

The NC judges were also satisfied. They said “I ripped the frivolous light work”, “I did not expect the light work of light”, “Is Shindong’s skill better than I thought?” etc., and gave 616 likes to the Shindong class and 663 likes to the Kim Hee-cheol class.

In addition, NC designated the ‘special costume and emotional expression payment’ that was considered realistic among the live broadcast event rewards presented in the last broadcast as the live broadcast event.

As the purpose of the special reward is to pay as many users as possible, the benefits will be extended to users on all servers.

The cast members said, “I felt communication difficulties today, so I will reinforce the communication and conduct a live broadcast”, “I want to share this raid system quickly because the raid is very interesting”, “If we proceed with one mind with novice users, I think it will be fun”, etc.

Lastly, a special broadcast was released in which Yohwan Lim and Min Kang, who were StarCraft Legend pro gamers, experienced PvP in Blossom 2.

In the case of Lim Yo-hwan, thanks to his experience with various games, he seemed to adapt quickly, but Kang-min, who had little RPG experience, had a huge difficulty in learning how to control the movement of Blossom 2.

Those who have become accustomed to a certain extent started PvP by selecting a class by lot. Lim Yo-hwan, who chose Kwonsa and a swordsman, and Kang-min, who chose a qigong master and historian. Lim Yo-hwan, who also had untitled experience, showed an overwhelming appearance in the beginning.

In a situation where both players could not easily adapt, the development team directly started emergency training. In the second set, where a proper match was expected as long as they had mastered the basic knowledge, a fierce confrontation was unfolded, and those who became accustomed also showed how to freely use combos and defenses.

Kang Min made good use of the characteristics of qigong master and history to subdue Lim Yo-hwan. However, Lim Yo-hwan also properly used the electric shock effect of prosecutors to neutralize Kang-min and then counterattacked with a single blow, resulting in a more intense atmosphere in the final set.

In the end, Lim Yo-hwan wins. In the play that spreads the distance from the opponent, they showed disappointment, but in the scene of pouring an attack, I could properly feel the hot action and systematic PvP system of Blossom 2.

Even among the viewers who saw this, positive reactions such as “Fighting in the field is fun”, “I can do it with confidence”, “I want to see more of the game information,” etc.

Now, Blossom 2 is about 4 days away from launch. As it is NC’s self-developed work and unique IP, it is expected to revitalize the growth of NC, which has slowed down as it has extraordinary expectations than any other game. is noticed

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