Gamers Discover New Dreamcast Game Based On The Simpsons

The game, discovered by the Dreamcast Talk forum, never saw the light of day.

Called The Simpsons Bug Squad !, the title was developed in the early 2000s by the British studio Red Lemon Studios, to which we owe in particular Aironauts, Braveheart and Farscape: The Game.

The principle is as simple as it is wacky, since the player does not play the members of the Simpsons family, but cockroaches that invade the legendary house located at 742 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield.

Some images, made in Cel Shading and very faithful to the series (especially for graphics dating from 2000), have been published on YouTube by the Dreamcastic channel. This is only a technical demo without sound, found on a dev kit, but it gives a glimpse of what the game might have looked like if it had ever seen the light of day.

Currently we do not know much more about this project, nor why it was canceled.. But if the demo tempts you, you can try it at this address. As for games based on The Simpsons, there is no shortage of it. In recent years, we’ve had Hit and Run, The Simpsons Skateboarding, not to mention The Simpsons: Tapped Out which continues to hit the app stores.

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