Gamers who care about sound quality don’t miss it! ROG Cetra True Wireless unboxing review

Still looking for the right true wireless Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones for you? Come! This article is going to open the box for everyone. ROG Cetra True Wireless was launched by ASUS ROG Republic of Gamers. It should be the true wireless Bluetooth headset that ASUS should buy at the moment, because in addition to the “sound price”, it is also very good. There are charming RGB lighting effects! Its suggested price is only NT$3,490. After I tried it for a week, I felt that the sound performance is really good. In addition, its overall design and appearance are outstanding, and the noise reduction effect is also good. I really recommend it to gamers or music lovers who care about sound quality. them!

ROG Cetra True Wireless true wireless Bluetooth headset features

ROG Cetra True Wireless adopts wireless Bluetooth technology, which can completely get rid of the shackles of “wired”, and the sound quality will not be discounted too much! Because it has a specially tuned 10mm ASUS Essence driver unit carefully selected by the ROG team, it can deliver the most immersive and excellent sound quality! The exclusive game mode and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) not only provide low-latency audio synchronized with video, but also detect and filter internal and external noise from the headset, creating an immersive listening experience with ease!

With touch options for quick in-game adjustments at the touch of a finger, it will give players even more of a winning edge; in addition, ROG Cetra True Wireless features 27 hours of battery life and fast charging technology, and the headset box can also be Compatible wireless charging version for charging, plus IPX4 waterproof function, will greatly improve the protection and durability of the headset, it is an indispensable tool for all elite players!

ROG Cetra true wireless gaming headset features low-latency wireless connectivity, ANC, up to 27 hours of battery life with wireless charging case, IPX4 water resistance, and EQ/virtual 7.1-channel support via Armoury Crate

ROG Cetra True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Key Specifications

Gaming Mode: Provides low-latency audio and video synchronization to give gamers a winning edge Battery life: 27 hours of battery life with fast charging technology Wireless charging: Headphone case can be charged with a compatible wireless charging pad protection

Product packaging design is like ROG design tone

Main specification information of the product on the back

Includes charging cable and two additional sets of earbuds

With ANC turned off, it provides 5.5 hours of use per charge, which can be extended by up to 21.5 hours with the charging case. When the power is low, through the fast charging technology, only 10 minutes of charging can provide up to 1.5 hours of use time.

Open the charging/storage box, and the ROG Logo in the middle will light up! And produce blue, green, red, pink … and other color changes~

After taking out the earphones after the Bluetooth connection, you will find that the left and right earphones also have RGB lighting effects!

Remove the charging box of the earphones, you can see that each is charged with two contacts

There are ROG logo and ROG words on the headset

The single sound outlet mesh in the earphone

The actual wearing is quite comfortable, the excellent 10mm unit and the earplug design effectively make the low frequency performance quite good!

The charging box uses the USB-C port as charging

The Light-bar will light up here when charging

Armoury Crate

Download Armoury Crate to your mobile device and use it with the ROG Cetra true wireless headset to dramatically improve audio performance and easily control game modes, EQ and virtual surround sound.

Convenient touch-sensitive design

There is a touch function design on the left and right!

Game Mode can be enabled via touch or Armoury Crate to provide low latency connections and better synchronization between audio and picture for everyone to win!

IPX4 water resistance provides extra protection!

ROG Cetra True Wireless Headphones Experience Sharing

Let’s talk about the music performance part first; the test listened to different music types such as classical, pop, jazz, etc. The overall performance is balanced, comfortable and pleasant to wear for a long time, and the low frequency impact is super good! The vocal performance is also good. At the beginning, the midrange will feel blurry, but the longer you listen, the more “open” you will be, and the next day you will hear more and more transparently. For example, when listening to Lada Gaga and Deng Ziqi, you can feel the rich and moving voice, and when you listen to the latest Batman movie soundtrack – The Batman, the super low frequency sound effects can strike your ears without breaking the sound and distorting!

When watching movies, you can feel a good sense of spatial movement. The sound effects of various games have no delay and are full of details.

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