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CD Projekt RED has named the most common problems and bugs in Cyberpunk 2077. The list is published on website companies.

According to reports from gamers, the top three most common problems in the game are headed by a bug called “Audience”. In the event of his appearance, Takemura, the personal bodyguard of one of the plot characters of the game, Saburo Arasaki, does not call the main character, even if all other plot tasks are completed. The “Cyberpsychosis Attack: Smoke Above Water” bug is described as a quest error when it is not marked as completed in the player’s log.

The Transcendental Experience problem has to do with the lack of a minor character Stefan. Accordingly, the player cannot take the quest from him and complete the task.

Representatives of CD Projekt RED thanked all users who reported bugs in the game to the studio. The developers also stated that they either fixed most of the problems, or are working on solving the problems.

Cyberpunk 2077 returns to the PlayStation store from which the title removed at the end of the year, took place 21st of June. Despite the appearance of the game in the PS Store, representatives of Sony warned gamers about possible problems – especially on the previous generation PlayStation 4 console.

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