Gaming more popular than ever: Survey: Corona pandemic brings gaming industry a boom

Gaming more popular than ever
Survey: Corona pandemic brings gaming industry a boom

A gamer plays with a PlayStation 4. Photo: picture alliance / Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

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Many people have spent a lot more time at home since the Corona outbreak – and long for distraction. The games industry is one of the clear winners.

Since the outbreak of the corona crisis, users of computer and video games have been spending significantly more time at the game console or other gaming devices. That comes from a survey published on Thursday by the digital association Bitkom.

More than one in two (55 percent) of those surveyed said they have been playing more since then – an average of seven hours per week in addition to the previous amount. This corresponds to almost double the playing time as before the restrictions due to the corona pandemic.

Not only the playing time, but also the expenses for gaming have increased significantly in the wake of the corona pandemic. Before Corona, the average monthly spending was 15 euros, according to the survey, it is now an average of 24 euros.

Gaming is not a nerd or niche phenomenon, but has arrived in the middle of society, said Bitkom board member Olaf May. According to the survey, almost one in two (46 percent) plays video or computer games at least occasionally. This number has increased slightly compared to previous years: in 2019 it was 43 percent, in 2018 it was 42 percent.

For many gamers, this is about more than just a hobby, May emphasized: “37 percent can no longer imagine a life without video and computer games.” For men, at 40 percent, this assessment is somewhat more pronounced than for women (34 percent) – and for 16 to 29-year-old gamers (45 percent) it is much stronger than for over 65-year-old video game players (19 percent) .

From an economic point of view, the importance of the gaming industry for the German economy is still manageable. Around 30,000 jobs in Germany are associated with it, said Bitkom managing director Bernhard Rohleder. “We are mainly dealing with an import market.” Around five percent of sales come from German game manufacturers. “There is still room for improvement.”


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