Gamou 2021: Sokhna Aida Diallo deploys kitchens across Senegal

With the intention of magnifying the descent of the best of creatures, Mouhammed, Sokhna Aida Diallo generously distributed hundreds of oxen to religious dignitaries of different brotherhoods as well as to many Koranic daaras.

In order to extend the mercy proper to this day, she also planned to install “kitchens” in the country, as in Dakar and Mbour.

The pious lady further recommended to her disciples the reading of the noble Koran and the recitation of the Khassaids in order to magnify this holy night.

Like many religious dignitaries, Sokhna Aida Diallo chose to ask his talibés to celebrate Gamou at home, because of the pandemic. She herself will celebrate Gamou with her relatives, including Sokhna Bator Saliou and Sokhna Adja Saliou, her co-wives.

The 2021 edition of Gamou at Sokhna Aida Diallo promises to be taken to an unparalleled level, in communion with all Muslims. The pious lady follows in this the teachings of Cheikh Béthio, her guide, who himself received the recommendation of Serigne Saliou Mbacké to celebrate the Maouloud.

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