Gamou de Médina Baye: 12 people injured in nine road accidents

Kaolack, Oct 19 (APS) – The regional fire brigade of Kaolack (center) announced on Tuesday that it had counted 12 people injured in nine traffic accidents that occurred during the Medina Baye gamou.

“This year, we carried out 24 sorties including nine for traffic accidents, without any loss of human life,” Lieutenant Mouhameth Charlemagne Sonko told APS.

Twelve people were injured in these road accidents, he said, announcing the death of a person following a malaise, at the Medina Baye health post.

For the safety of pilgrims in the Medina Baye gamou, the Kaolack regional fire brigade mobilized 86 agents, six ambulances and two fire and rescue vehicles, according to Mr. Sonko.

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