Gang imposes law at Baltimore prison

In Baltimore, on the American east coast, even a prison can become a nerve center for drug trafficking. On Tuesday, 17 people, including thirteen prison guards, were charged with helping a gang, seven of whom were in jail, to make their business flourish. Some of these supervisors even had intimate relationships with the gang leader Black Guerrilla Family. “Four supervisors became pregnant. Two of them had a tattoo with the name of the detainee – Tavon White-, on the neck or on the ankle, “writes the Washington Post , which reveals the case. These women also obtained high-end cars and valuable jewelry from the 36-year-old leader, known on the street as the Bulldog.

The young women, aged 24 to 36, are accused of helping the gang in their business by providing them with cell phones, drugs and other trafficking, hidden in their clothes. Some also warned them of upcoming cell searches. The gang members also obtained the title of “worker”. This category of detainees is paid to assist the management of the prison and has the right to move freely within its precincts. The gang could thus continue to manage its businesses quietly and sent money to the members who still operated on the streets of Baltimore, made infamous by the HBO series The Wire.

“If one guy wants to beat up another, well, he comes to see me”

FBI investigations have also shown that the gang controls everything that happens in the penitentiary. “It’s my prison, do you understand?” I make all the decisions here, nothing is done without my approval, “said leader Tavon White during a telephone call recorded by the police. “Everything goes through me. All. If one guy wants to beat up another, well, he comes to see me, and I tell him when to do it, or if he should forget. If one guy wants to plant another, he’ll run to see me before … ”Tavon White confirmed this during a conversation with a supervisor. “I am the most important person here. The law is me. If I tell a guy to hit a cop, kill a guy, whatever, well, he does it. Here.”

“This case reveals the extent of corruption in penitentiaries in Baltimore,” said the FBI. “The detainees literally took control of the prison, which has become a haven of peace for them. It is not tolerable. ” These revelations aroused indignation from the local political class, who demanded an investigation into the prison administration. “It is hardly believable. We have to comb through the entire prison system – the number of deaths among inmates, the way these prisons work, and how the guards are recruited. The public safety department must explain, “said the President of the Senate of Maryland. The accused face 20 years in prison.

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