Gang rape on a lady returning from work

Keur Massar: Gang rape on a lady returning from work

The inhabitants of Keur Massar live with fear in their stomachs. And obviously, there is something. Last Saturday, around 9 p.m., a vile rape was perpetrated by criminals on a woman returning from work.

Indeed, reports L’AS in its delivery of the day, the lady, in her twenties, was ambushed by several attackers armed with knives before being transported to the Mbao forest.

She was subsequently raped by these thugs who took flight before the arrival of the gendarmes. Found naked and dripping with blood, she was taken to Keur Massar hospital by the gendarmes.

This crime, which stirred up the inhabitants of this large suburb, confirms the upsurge in attacks noted for some time in Keur Massar.

With the classified forest of Mbao, which is the haunt of attackers and smokers of Indian hemp, and the lack of public lighting on this axis, people are always terrified when taking this route to reach their homes.

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