Gansu Delegation’s Unique and Colorful Highlights Shine at the National Vocational Skills Competition

2023-09-19 04:02:22

Original title: Unique and colorful highlights – the booth of the Gansu delegation in the Second National Vocational Skills Competition attracted attention

On September 16, the second National Vocational Skills Competition kicked off in Tianjin. The Gansu delegation’s booth design was original and featured many highlights.

Walking into the booth of the Gansu delegation, there was a copper pot with the aroma of meat. The ramen master picked up the dough, pulled and stretched it with both hands, and smoothly pulled the dough to the right thickness and put it into the boiling water… The guests lined up in a long line. While watching the making process of beef noodles, you are competing to taste the authentic Lanzhou beef noodles.

Guest Wang Yiwen from Henan took photos and videos in front of the beef noodle making stage in the Gansu exhibition area, carefully recording the process of making noodles and pulling noodles. He said that eating beef noodles is not only a delicious enjoyment, but also the process of watching the ramen noodles is a spiritual enjoyment.

At the booth of the Dunhuang Academy, Dunhuang clay sculptures and Dunhuang wood carvings are lifelike; fabric cartoon dolls are cute and cute; Dunhuang picture albums, 3D paper sculptures, books, water cups… The Dunhuang Academy develops and publishes books, picture albums, and culture based on “Digital Dunhuang” Derivatives brought “cultural relics closer to ordinary people” and attracted the attention of many guests. Here, Li Bo, a restorer of ancient painted sculpture murals at the Institute, holds tools in his hand and is “diagnosing and treating” a mural.

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“Teacher Li Bo is completely free from outside interference. He always focuses on the murals and concentrates on the restoration of the murals. I want to learn from Teacher Li’s rigorous, hard-working and meticulous spirit and work harder in my studies.” Tianjin Training Center Su Jiahui, a student in the 2023 electric welding class, said.

Gansu attaches great importance to the cultivation of skilled talents and promotes the construction of Gansu’s skilled talent team with high quality. A display and exchange area for skilled talent training work was set up in the booth.

In front of the exhibition boards of Baiyin Group, Jinchuan Group, Lanshi Group, Bailey Vocational College, and Lanzhou Vocational and Technical University of Resources and Environment, many staff and on-site observers from the human resources and social security departments, vocational and technical colleges, and corporate units of the neighboring provinces gathered.

Lanshi Group has comprehensively strengthened the training of high-quality technical and skilled personnel, and a large number of skilled craftsmen have emerged, laying a solid foundation for consolidating the group’s status as a “big country and important weapon” and promoting high-quality development.

Through the skills competition, Baiyin Group has effectively promoted the improvement of employees’ skills and quality, opened up a green channel for highly skilled talents and outstanding technical workers to stand out, and built a good platform for employees to learn knowledge, practice skills, and improve their quality. A large number of employees have emerged Knowledge-based, skill-based and innovative high-quality talents provide a strong talent guarantee for the group’s high-quality development.

Jinchuan Group has always attached great importance to the cultivation of skilled talents and strengthened the “mentor-disciple” training model. In order to give full play to the “teaching, helping and leading” role of technical backbone talents, mentoring and mentoring are integrated into all stages of employees’ career development, cultivating and creating a team of industrial workers who have ideals and beliefs, understand technology and innovate, and dare to take on responsibilities and demonstrate dedication. Team.

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Peili Vocational College strengthens base construction and builds a skilled talent training system; it plays the role of “masters and famous teachers” and innovates the skilled talent training model.

Since 2013, Lanzhou Vocational and Technical University of Resources and Environment has hosted 8 national vocational college skills competitions, 9 vocational college skills competitions in Gansu Province, the first and second vocational skills trials of the People’s Republic of China, etc., and made all competitions Resources have been transformed into education and teaching. In recent years, the school has won a total of 386 awards in various competitions.

From the ingenious inheritance of traditional craftsmanship to the smart and convenient modern services, they are all inseparable from skilled talents… This time, Gansu came with skills and technology.

New Gansu·Gansu Daily reporter Wen Jie

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