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Garbage collection strike continues in Toulouse

Waste accumulates in the streets of Toulouse. And this since December 15 with the vote of a hard strike by garbage collectors, or even since November 22 when partial collections began. While the negotiations seem to be at a standstill, the movement could be followed at 90% by the staff, this Monday, according to France Bleu. The meeting which was scheduled for December 24 between the unions and the Metropolis was canceled.

Go back. Beginning of November, the Metropolis to comply with the law on the transformation of the civil service, which forces communities to make their agents work 1,607 hours per year (or 35 hours per week), announced the end of the practice of “finished work “. A practice that allows garbage collectors to return home once the collection is complete. With this regime, garbage collectors work an average of 25 hours.

Immediately, the unions stepped up to challenge this point. According to them, the “finished party” is beneficial for all. “Garbage trucks do not block traffic in the city center. And the circuits are enlarged for the agents, which suits the community ”, explains Nicolas Refutin, general secretary of the FO Toulouse Métropole union (majority) in the Dispatch.

Call on private providers

Nevertheless, the inter-union assures to have taken the first step by ratifying the end “the finished one”, the precondition for the negotiations posed by the Metropolis. But instead, the unions suggested reducing the daily working time by 1.5 hours. A proposal swept away by Toulouse Métropole.

In the meantime, the waste and the wrapping of Christmas gifts are piling up on the sidewalks even if the metropolis has called on private service providers to evacuate some garbage and if the city has asked residents as much as possible not to take them out. garbage on the street.

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