Garmin launches the latest “APPROACH S12” GPS smartwatch. Complementing the APPROACH series of products

Garmin Thailand Under Every Beat of Life – innovation that keeps pace with every beat of life Aims to push GARMIN GOLF ECOSYSTEM to penetrate the Thai golf market Highlights 3 highlights of Garmin golf products: 1) Powerful battery 2) Ultimate precision with Mars exploration technology LIDAR-Lite 3) Improve your playing skills with GARMIN application. GOLF Reinforcing Garmin’s development path under unique innovations to fully meet the needs of golfers

Today Garmin is ready to complete the APPROACH series products to be more complete. Proceed to launch APPROACH S12, a GPS-based smartwatch for golfers. Meet the needs of users with a revolutionary specification design that comes with a high-resolution screen that is easy to read even under sunlight. With a feature that collects data on more than 42,000 golf courses around the world, and the Hazard View feature to help players understand the field better. including a long-lasting battery Allows players to continue to enjoy the game of golf. Golfers can also upload their play stats via the GARMIN GOLF app to review and improve their playing skills.

Mr. Sky Chain Director of Garmin Thailand said. “From the trend of Thai consumers who are more focused on active lifestyles and health conscious. Coupled with the COVID-19 outbreak situation since 2020, the popularity of sports and outdoor activities has increased. from the numbersThe number of times the activity is performed on the platform. Garmin Connect especially the golf activities of the year 2563 increased than 30% The trend of golf players is aging, coupled with an increase in female players from 7% are 10% and when looking at the sales numbers of the series products APPROACH of Garmin last quarter 1/2564 almost grown up 2 times It reflects the continued user demand for Garmin golf products.”

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Mr.Brigade Pongsawang Sports Marketing Manager, Garmin ThailandSaid, “Given the good trend in the golf market, we continue to develop and expand the product range for this group of athletes as planned. by aiming for every golf product from APPROACH S12 and APPROACH S62 that is a smart watch model APPROACH G80 speed tracking radar and APPROACH Z82 laser rangefinder camera when used with application GARMIN GOLF That is featured in the analysis of data for every hit round. To help strengthen and develop players’ weaknesses in every game, including being able to connect every team member’s rounds on a single application, it’s like a complete ecosystem for Thai golfers.”

for the highlight ofGarmin golf products that make GARMIN GOLF ECOSYSTEM is different and outstanding both 3 verse including 1) powerful battery – Can be used for a long time Provides uninterrupted fun for golfers in every game. 2) The ultimate in precision with Mars exploration technology.system LIDAR-Lite – Technology for Garmin’s laser rangefinder was selected by NASA for its Mars exploration missions. 3) Develop playing skills that are relevant to the application. GARMIN GOLF – Upload playing statistics in real time Used for reviewing the results of playing to improve playing skills on the spot.

GARMIN GOLF ECOSYSTEM It allows players to enjoy Garmin’s state-of-the-art technology that is ready to take golf to the next level in every game.

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