Garmin Quatix 6x Solar: New marine smartwatch with solar charging function

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The new Quatix 6X Solar extends the Garmin smartwatch family. A highlight of the new wearable is the transparent solar charging lens, which extends the battery life using solar energy. The solar charging function is designed to extend the running time of the smartwatch by up to three days, making the wearable suitable for sailing trips lasting several days.

With its special marine functions, the Quatix 6X Solar is aimed particularly at sailors, boaters and anglers. If compatible ship electronics such as Garmin navigation devices are on board, wearers of the Quatix 6X Solar can read data such as speed, water depth and wind strength directly on the smartwatch. The color display has grown slightly from 1.3 to 1.4 inches compared to the predecessor Quatix 6. The “man over board” button in conjunction with the GPS location determination ensures more safety on the high seas.

Monitors vital functions on land and in the water

The Quatix 6X Solar offers pre-installed topographic maps and ski maps for excursions and sporting activities on land. Thanks to heart rate measurement on the wrist – even under water – and the new sensor for determining oxygen saturation in the blood, the watch constantly provides information about well-being, stress levels and sleep quality. With the integrated body battery function, the user also keeps an eye on his energy level at all times and can plan training, rest periods and sleep accordingly.

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The display of the Quatix 6X Solar recharges the battery with the help of solar energy.

Smart functions for everyday life

For everyday life far from the sea, the smartwatch offers functions such as contactless payment and an integrated music memory with space for up to 2,000 songs. The songs can be transferred to the smartwatch in MP3 format and played back using compatible Bluetooth headphones without a cell phone. When paired with the smartphone, the watch shows incoming calls, SMS and messages.

The Quatix 6X Solar is now available from Garmin at a price of just under 1,150 euros available.


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