Garmin Upgrades “Newest Software” to Improve User Experience

Bangkok (29 Jul 20) – Garmin has released the latest software upgrade for Garmin smartwatches. This covers from the enhancement of health monitoring capabilities to the display of more detailed information such as increasing the stage of sleep. and display in graph format Security features and adding a variety of activity profiles to cover more users’ lifestyles

Including enhancing the user experience (UX) to access information quickly. Garmin’s health data combines data collection from Firstbeat Analytics on smartwatches. with advanced analytics to track health and the capacity of the body

Users can access various health information from the wrist conveniently and easily through complete information at the touch of a finger. and can store data continuously Users can therefore recognize their own health trends. improve training and most importantly It also makes you understand your body and health better.

Mr. Sky Chain, Garmin Thailand Director, said, “Garmin aims to enhance the capabilities of its products. We are committed to continuously improving our processes to provide the best user experience. This time we collect feedback about the customer experience. to find ways to optimize the software so that customers can use our products without interruption

including extending the duration of use for a longer time Enables 24/7 continuous health monitoring, including sleep tracking. To ensure that users can enjoy using our products in their daily life to the maximum.

At the same time, Garmin has also organized a special promotion with the popular product series FENIX 6, which has been upgraded to use the ADVANCED STRENGTH TRAINING feature to view graphics showing the muscle groups that are being used when Exercise from the smart watch face Under the promotion name Double Bonus (Double Bonus) worth two bounces, both smart watches with new software And discounts of up to 20% for those who are interested can own it from 28 July – 11 August 2022 only through this channel.

Garmin software update

The latest software upgrades are as follows:

Better Health Tracking
• Sleep Tracking – Improves device-based sleep detection and increases restless sleep stages. (restlessness) and add graphs to make the data easier to understand

• Updated Intensity Minutes widget – which allows users to check their Intensity Minutes level each day.

• Breathing exercises and Respiration widget – add a breathing exercise pattern. and the respiratory rate information field

Ready to customize the breathing rate widget on the INSTINCT 2 series smartwatch.
• Body Battery Algorithm Update – Improved algorithm on INSTINCT 2 series smartwatches.

• Fitness Age display – Added a fitness age measurement feature in user profile settings.

Security feature improvements
• Update detection of emergency incidents in activities such as walking, climbing and general use. (in the specified version)

• Updated user experience for security and tracking. Easily send messages with the user’s current location. with pre-selected contacts And assign emergency contacts so your watch can get immediate help in an emergency.

*When paired with a compatible smartphone See security and tracking feature requirements and limitations.

increased sports activities
• Added new sports activities, including horseback riding, tennis, and rope jumping (in certain models).
* The jump rope feature is available for download via Connect IQ.

• Adds support for Green Contours in golf by pairing with the Garmin Golf app to view the direction and slope of your golf course from your watch.

• Improved detection of running/walking/standing activities. through a new version of the algorithm to detect breaks during doing various activities and adding running/walking/standing detection On the activity summary page for sports

• Updated Up Ahead to support GPX files (for latest outdoor smartwatches).

User interface improvements
• Real-time Settings Keyboard on Garmin Connect App adds a feature to improve settings in the Garmin Connect mobile app (for the latest outdoor smartwatches).

• Added metrics to post-activity data – Added post-activity metrics including acclimatization, pace, detailed speed, rock climbing, stamina. and rock climbing

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