Gartner: 39% growth in 5G infrastructure revenue

Dubai (Al-Ittihad) 5G network infrastructure revenues around the world are heading to reach a growth rate of 39% and a total of more than $19.1 billion during 2021, which represents an increase of $13.7 billion over 2020, according to the latest market forecasts. Issued by Gartner Research Inc.
Telecom service providers in developed markets began accelerating the pace of fifth generation network development projects during the years 2020 and 2021, while the revenues of the fifth generation networks amounted to approximately 39% of the total wireless infrastructure revenues this year.
“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for broadband connectivity with ultra-fast speeds and improved performance levels to meet the demands of work from home and high-speed applications such as video streaming and online gaming,” said Michael Prosky, Senior Research Analyst at Gartner. and social media applications.
The 5G network sector is the fastest growing sector in the wireless network infrastructure market. The promising opportunities for investment are limited to the 5G network sector only among the rest of the sectors mentioned in these forecasts for the wireless network infrastructure markets. While investment in traditional networks is rapidly declining in various regions, it is expected that the spending of CSP companies on small cells other than 5G networks will decline as these companies move to adopt small cells for 5G networks.
Although about 10% of telecom service companies were able to commercialize 5G services commercially during 2020, which enabled the provision of these services to several regions, Gartner expects this percentage to rise to 60% by 2024, which are similar rates. levels of 4G network adoption in the past.


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