Garzón earned 7.6 million as a lawyer in 2020, the best year of his firm


Baltasar Garzón registered his best year as a lawyer in 2020. His firm, the International Legal Office for Cooperation and Development (Ilocad), entered a total of 7.6 million euros. Thus, it became his best exercise since it opened in 2012.

The figures obtained by the office of the former judge of the National Court soared last year. And it is that in 2018 they generated 2.8 million income and in 2019 they were 4.1 million. Therefore, in 2020 the number increased by 3.6 million.

In addition, 2020 was also its best year in terms of benefits: they earned 0.95 million euros, which means tripling the previous figures. Until then, annual profits stood at 0.3 million, except in 2017, which were 0.4 million euros.

On the other hand, as reported Let’s go, Garzón’s office closed 2020 with a long-term debt with banks of 0.6 million euros. In addition, it also had a short-term liability of 2.4 million (one and a half million more than the previous year) with other creditors.

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