Gasoline: Carrefour offers a discount of 5 euros on each tank of fuel

Support the purchasing power of motorists, again and again. And, by the way, to do better than the competitors to attract customers. After Leclerc, Monday morning, it is the turn of the Carrefour distributor, this Monday evening, to decide to help the French who have to go to the pump. From this Wednesday, October 20 and until the end of October, Alexandre Bompard’s group has decided to grant a discount of 5 euros for each tank of gasoline (from 25 liters). This sum can be granted “in vouchers or on the customer’s loyalty card”, says a spokesperson for the brand. You just have to go to the gas station checkout to benefit from this discount.

A gesture that is timely: in recent weeks, the price of gasoline has not stopped rising, to the chagrin of nurses, teachers, administrative employees and other employees or self-employed who have to make substantial trips home. work every day, and growl more and more. Last week, according to the latest scores, a liter of diesel was worth 1.5583 euros, against 1.5354 euros the previous week, touching new historic highs, according to figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition. SP 95 gasoline has also increased by 2 cents in about a week, reaching 1.6575 euros per liter last week – unheard of since… 2012!

The decision of Carrefour comes just after that of the distributor Leclerc: this Monday morning, the group of Michel-Edouard Leclerc had announced that the gasoline would be sold at cost price, that is to say without margin for the distributor, in all its stores, and this until October 30th. The boss of the eponymous group has also pledged, if the government decides to cut taxes on gasoline, to pass this drop on to prices at the pump.

While the distributors play their best, the government is racking its brains to see how to mitigate the impact of these never-ending price spikes. The option which holds the cord would be that of a fuel check, possibly granted under conditions of resources. A few months before the presidential election, the specter of yellow vests is in everyone’s mind.

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