Gasoline price ‘highly high’ ahead of ‘fuel tax cut’… averaged over 1,730 won

Domestic oil prices are on an upward trend for 4 weeks in a row / ⓒSisa Focus DB

[시사포커스 / 이청원 기자] Gasoline prices are skyrocketing after the fuel tax cut has been confirmed.

According to ‘Ofinet’, an oil price information service of Korea National Oil Corporation on the 24th, the average selling price of gasoline at gas stations nationwide in the third week of October was 1732.4 won per liter, up 45.2 won from the previous week, and the price of diesel also rose 46.8 won per liter to 1530.4 won. recorded

In particular, domestic gasoline prices have risen sharply for five consecutive weeks after repeating fluctuations in response to changes in international oil prices since November last year.

By region, Seoul rose 36.0 won to 1808.6 won per liter, exceeding 1800 won, and Busan gasoline price recorded the lowest at 1708.2 won, up 39.3 won from last week.

By brand, GS Caltex was the most expensive at 1740.9 won per liter, and thrifty gas station gasoline was the cheapest at 1700.3 won per liter due to a slight rise.

On the other hand, it is interpreted that such fluctuations have had an impact on domestic oil prices as international oil prices, which had remained flat, turned to surge again.

In particular, the average price of Dubai crude imported to Korea recorded $83 per barrel, up $1.0 from the previous week. In addition, the international oil price rose 2.6 dollars to 97.7 dollars.

In response, the Korea National Oil Corporation said, “Oil demand is on the rise due to the expected recovery of the pre-COVID-19 pandemic level, the expected decrease in crude oil production, and the expected increase in oil imports compared to the winter demand.”

In addition, as gasoline prices soared every day, the government decided to cut the fuel tax first to alleviate the burden on consumers.


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