Gasoline prices: the 2008 record would be broken in Quebec

After another increase in gasoline prices Monday in the Montreal region, it is the turn of the Quebec region to follow the trend.

Motorists will have to take their troubles patiently and pay the increasingly steep bill.

Another increase of five cents per liter is observable in several places, Tuesday evening, in Quebec. The new price is now $ 1.54 per liter. CAA-Quebec says this is currently the “realistic price”. Earlier today, it was still possible to find stations that were fetching $ 1.44.

Barring a mistake, such a high price in Quebec surpasses the June 2008 record, which was around $ 1.51.

Most gas stations in Montreal, Laval and Montérégie are claiming $ 1.56 for a liter of regular gasoline.

The average retail margin for the past 52 weeks including commodity taxes is 8.6 cents.

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