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Jean-Michel Blanquer denies that Samuel Paty was threatened with a sanction for showing caricatures of Muhammad to his students

“This information is false”, said the Minister of Education, interviewed by France Inter, France 2 and The world in the program “Political questions”, denying information that had circulated on social networks shortly after the assassination.

Mr. Paty was the target of violent criticism from a father of a student at this school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine and an Islamist activist known to the police, who accused him of having shown the cartoons to his students of 4th in a course on freedom of expression.

“Two parents of students protested, so the principal, who was impeccable from start to finish, seeing that there had been an incident of this nature, called the Valeurs de la République teams. [les référents laïcité de l’éducation nationale] (…) [Il] said those who are shocked close their eyes or walk out of the classroom. This point gave rise to a misunderstanding because it could have been experienced as discrimination. We can always regret such and such a thing, all is not perfect [mais] the support was effective. To be perfectly clear, I am going to ask the general inspectorate to establish the entire chain of events. “

Mr. Blanquer will be at the demonstration in tribute to the teacher, at 3 p.m. in Paris.

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