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Gawr Gura, the first phase of the hololive English group, recently reached 3 million YouTube subscriptions, becoming the Vtuber channel with the highest number of subscriptions. A few days ago, she also promoted the upcoming Nendoroid Shark in her live broadcast. Another cute little prank action reminds many foreign fans of a meme that they don’t want to remember in their hearts-Gula puts the Nendoroid in the transparent jar of his good friend “Chum Jar”.

On the July 4th live broadcast, Gula showed off the Nendoroid Shark to the audience before entering the link to play “Dead Line”, but then he smiled and said, “It’s too simple to put it directly on the table. So I just… (laughs)”

Then, she put the silhouette of the Nendoroid in the transparent jar picture of “Chum Jar”. This action made many audience members shout “NOOOO”, “NOT THE JAR”, “PLZ DONT”.

As for why putting the Nendoroid in the transparent tank makes the reaction of foreign fans so excited? After an explanation by a well-meaning person in the overseas community of Hololive Discord, I learned that this is a fairly well-known meme-“Cum Jar”.

It is rumored to be a meme that was spread in overseas discussion forums such as 4/8 Chan many years ago. The source is no longer available. Basically, “Cum Jar” uses a more elegant introduction, which is “Preservation of the essence”.China“The jar of liquid”, it just puts the model in a transparent glass jar, and then puts the essence of Shiri Qiuqin into the jar and seals it until it is full.


The most well-known example of this meme was in November 2014 when a netizen actually implemented “Pony Cum Jar Project“, I also posted photos of glass jars, and as the SNS platform began to spread, it shocked the minds of many foreigners and caused shocks.Overseas media reportsRegarding this matter, imitating the behavior is not encouraged here…

This is not the first time Gula has played the “Cum Jar” memes. During her birthday broadcast in June this year, she deliberately put the Yagoo picture into the bottle. Of course, this is not a “Cum Jar”, but a “Chum Jar” (confidential jar), so we shouldn’t worry about something yellowish in the future.

All in all, this is the so-called “Cum Jar” meme. Friends who don’t understand yet, this may be a good opportunity to increase the strange knowledge of the Internet.Because I can’t just know



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