Gazprom Neft & Partners Conquer One of the Most Beautiful Tracks in the City: Share the Energy of Support Charity Bike Action

2023-06-03 13:52:30

Let’s welcome 23 corporate teams of our partners who together with you will conquer one of the most beautiful tracks in the city today.

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Photo: Gazprom Neft press service

— The largest cycling team belongs to Gazprom Neft, the title partner of the festival. This year it gathered 450 people, and in addition to the company’s employees, hundreds of citizens will join it. During the event, all participants will be able to participate in the first Share the Energy of Support charity bike action, where everyone will be asked to touch a special “support palm” with their hand. Gazprom Neft will count each touch and convert it into a charitable donation and donate it to the Anton Right Here Charitable Foundation, which helps people with autism.

— “Support palms” will be located in two zones along the race distance and brightly decorated with inflatable arches.

— Another regular participant is the Setl Group holding team, which this year is the official team partner of the festival. The company supports our festival every year, from the very first event, and this will be the fifth anniversary race of the team, which this year consists of 200 people.

– As always, the OK team is with us today. The WHSD Fontanka Fest festival is held annually at their hospitable venue.

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Photo: Angela Mnatsakanyan/

– And “Europe Plus” – the general radio partner of the festival – will not only provide guests with good music, but will also put up a team of 80 people.

— The team of JSC Power Machines is also a regular participant — this year 50 people will start at the start — obviously, the most energetic employees of the company.

— This is not the first year that the teams have been with us: the partner of the route is the Association of Builders of St. Petersburg, the information partner is the VKontakte company, the CDS group of companies and the JAMAIKA printer.

— There are a lot of newcomers this year — these are the teams of Akvilon Group, A101 Group of Companies, SEPTIVIT Company, the Tatneft gas station network, Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Engineering, the team of the Perekrestok Trading House in the North-West territory, the team of scientific and technical center of Gazprom Neft, the team of custom bikes “IronWils” and the team of the North-Western Thermal Power Plant with the cheerful name “Energopertsy”.

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