[GC 21]Gamescom Awards 2021 Announced Winners List “The Ring of Eldon” won the best game and other awards

This year, because the COVID-19 epidemic has not yet subsided, Europe’s largest video game exhibition “gamescom”, which continues to be held in the form of digital events, has recently announced the winners of this year’s gamescom award 2021. in”Elden Circle》Won GC Best Game Award, Best PlayStation Game Award, Best Action-Adventure Game Award, Best Role-Playing Game Award, Consumer Most Expected Award and other 5 awards, becoming the biggest winner.

The gamescom award is an award for judging the games exhibited by gamescom. This year’s gamescom award consists of a jury of about 30 people composed of German and international game journalists, well-known YouTubers and other experts. From the submitted entries, 22 categories are selected. In addition to judging and selecting awards, players are also open to vote for awards. The list of winners will be announced in the eve of the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony.

The following is the list of winners of gamescom award 2021:

Platform category awards

Best Microsoft Xbox Game

Best Nintendo Switch game

Best PC game

Best Sony Playstation game

Game category awards

Best Action Adventure Game

Best Action Game

optimalFamily games

  • 《Super Dungeon Maker》,rokaplay

Best indie game

Best role-playing game

Best simulation game

  • Park Beyond》,Limbic Entertainment / Bandai Namco Europe

Best sports game

Best strategy game

Best multiplayer game

Best Continuous Operation Game

The most original game

  • Dice Creation(Dice Legacy)》,DESTINYbit / Ravenscourt

Consumer Voting Awards

Best Live Broadcaster

gamescom “Most Anticipated” Consumer Award

gamescom global awards

Best published

Best team

  • Bandai Namco Entertainment

gamescom best games

Best Show/Promotional Video

Game Heart Award

  • 「Let’s Play 4 Charity」


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