GD “No Hu White Face” new ad exposed!Shuaidu hits the pinnacle again… Fan Riot: Zhilong that moves

Reporter Zhang Xiaohan / Comprehensive Report

Han Xing GD (G-Dragon, Quan Zhilong) mainly engaged in fashion activities after retiring from the military in 2019, but he also mentioned that writing and composing are also in progress in an interview a while ago. A few days ago, he served as a well-known hair product model. The fans are quite excited.

▲The latest advertisement of GD was exposed and fans rioted. (Picture/Retrieved from theqoo)

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GD has recently decided to act as a model for a well-known hair product brand. After the latest short advertisement was exposed a few days ago, he can be seen wearing black hair, his fair skin with his signature expression and his casual poses facing the camera are quite eye-catching. . After fans shared this 6-second video on the Internet, many people praised him for his appearance and charm. “It’s so happy to see the moving Zhilong” and “I’m going crazy! Come back soon. Right”, “I was almost fainted by the handsome”.

▲ Netizens reacted.  (Picture/Retrieved from YouTube/Translated from

▲ Netizens reacted. (Picture/Retrieved from YouTube/Translated from “ETtoday Starlight Cloud”)

In fact, after the magazine photos taken by GD at the beginning of the year were exposed, his handsome appearance also aroused heated discussions, and what made fans more looking forward to hearing his creations again. When he was the cover character of the magazine “DAZED”, he talked about music being played. Working with BIGBANG, the built-in notebook of the mobile phone also contains lyrics and music keywords.

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