Geagea: The first step to get Lebanon out of its turmoil begins with the parliamentary elections

The head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, stressed that we are facing a major confrontation to get Lebanon out of what it is floundering in, and the first step begins with the elections for the presidency of the Parliament. The issue, which has always been repeated, is that Speaker Berri and his group “would not work” and that they were corrupt and “thugs”.

He called on opposition groups, including individuals, independents, small groups, and parties, to the necessity of coordination in order to find the appropriate way to activate this opposition after it became the majority in Parliament.

These positions were launched by Geagea in a view from Maarab via “Zoom” at a festive festival for the “Lebanese Forces” under the title “We have nothing but what we thank you” in the Jezzine municipality square – Ain Majdalene, in the presence of MPs Ghada Ayoub and Saeed Al-Asmar, mayors, mayors, Union and social activities, Jezzine coordinator in the “Forces” George Eid and a crowd of the people of the region and supporters.

Geagea had begun his speech by saying: “It came out, not only do we want it to come in us,” especially in Jezzine, the heroine and fighter. Here I stop at a verse, “And love is only for the first lover.”

He continued: “A great salute to comrade Wissam al-Taweel, who worked and struggled without any account, and to Saeed al-Asmar, who I do not doubt for a moment that he will be the ideal representative of Jezzine because he is a “son of land” who understands its concerns and coexists with it and enjoys the moral required to abide by his family. As for the third greeting, I address it to the comrade. The old – the new Dr. Ghada Ayoub, who fought one of the best battles in Lebanon, and the result is the best evidence.Great greetings to George Eid, Joe Melhem, members of the coordination, heads and members of the centers because they were the actual electoral machine on the ground, and a greeting of thanks to every Jazzini citizen who responded to our proposals, as he realized in the end In the end, he was the victim of a long cheating process and pushed to correct it.”

He added: “As for the heartfelt salute, I address it to the companion of the path in this battle, Youssef Al-Naqeeb, who was subjected to everything he was exposed to in Sidon, and despite that, he steadfastly adhered to his positions as clearly as a sword and continued the battle until the end, and if I was saddened that luck was not on his side, but the road is long and we will go through Battle together next time and we will win.”

Geagea stressed that “the joy in achieving this victory is a natural right, but the responsibilities are more important, so the work will be multiplied dozens of times over the previous period, and we have to be more prepared, considering that Jezzine has been deprived and black for decades and we want to get it out of this blackness and dress it with the white scarf that suits it, for the forces did not She passes anywhere but leaves white behind, while they leave only blackness behind.

He called “Deputies Ayoub and Al-Asmar and all officials to transform the coordination, and in turn each Jezzine, into a single workshop aimed at highlighting the beauty of this region, especially since it is one of the most beautiful in Lebanon,” noting that “Jamal Jezzine needs attention after it withered in recent years.” And we were greatly saddened by that, as we had seen nothing from its officials before except for empty talk that made no sense and criticism in the absence of any positive action.

And while the people of Jezzine promised that they would no longer hear similar words, but rather they would see positive actions in turn that show its beauty again, Geagea called for “the necessity of setting priorities to begin with what can be implemented at this difficult time”, hoping not to discourage them in the confrontation in the midst of these conditions. pitchfork.

He continued: “We are in the process of a major confrontation, because the current situation requires that to get Lebanon out of its confusion in order to put it on the safe side, and the first step ahead of us begins with the elections for the presidency of the Parliament, through which we showed our consistency with all our electoral proposals and promises. With the issue of naming the president we said Frankly, we will not name President Nabih Berri, and we will choose someone who has certain qualifications, and this also applies to the Vice Presidential Office.”

Geagea stressed that “after the forces publicly announced their position on this issue, attention is directed to the head of the current of lies, deception and fraud, to see how he dealt with him, as he continued for the past four years by saying that President Berri and his group “would not work” and that they were corrupt and “thugs”, Therefore, it is time for the facts to crystallize and the positions of all parties to be announced, so that we can see their credibility.”

Geagea preferred to “emphasize the importance of coordination between opposition groups, including individuals, independents, small groups and parties, to find the appropriate way to activate our opposition after we have become a group of opposition parties, the majority in Parliament.” And he stressed, “We must not follow the example of the “We did not leave and we did not appreciate” team, but rather act as a majority, after the people put their trust in us to obtain their rights, starting from revealing the reality of the explosion of the Port of Beirut to restoring the rights of depositors and all other life matters.”

He concluded with certainty that the “forces” will follow this difficult, arduous and long path until the end, because it is the only way towards salvation, especially since the easiest path is not always the best, at times it is so, but at other times the hardest and arduous path remains the best, and therefore we will take it. No matter how winding it is.”

The ceremony began with the Lebanese and Qawati anthems, and Eid delivered a speech in which he said: “It seems clear that the hand of God is present in everything that happened in Jezzine, and it is a sure result of the prayers of the mothers of our martyrs, and the sacrifices of our martyrs that yielded this success, so the first thanks to them and to every war casualty and to all those who sacrificed And they endured and for every resistance in the Jezzine region.”

He continued: “Greetings to our people in Jezzine and its region, who considered the battle to be their personal battle and took advantage of the opportunity and contributed to the salvation of the homeland and the region and the protection of the future of their children,” calling “all the people of the region and the comrades to redouble efforts, planning and work to achieve the goal and move the Jezzine region to a better place.”

Then Al-Asmar spoke, who considered that “this victory is not the result of weeks or months of work, but rather is the fruit of an effort that was made many years ago, the fruit of every drop of blood that irrigated this good land, and every martyr who fell so that the Jezzine region remains raised, and every tear and pain, For every humiliation and persecution, and certainly the effort of all the officials and heads of the centers who successively served the Jezzine region, every activity, every stance, and every action you took led us to this victory.”

He saluted the people of Jezzine for their stand, breaking the barrier of fear, and their courage in accountability and change. He especially thanked his two colleagues on the list, engineer Wissam al-Taweel and Sidon city candidate, Engineer Youssef al-Naqib.

He addressed the atmosphere of intimidation that some are trying to spread, saying: “Spreading an atmosphere of fear is the method of the loser and the weak. Some voices of discord that promote civil war, displacement and other news are fabricated by some of those who lost and were subjected to harsh accountability by the voters for their bad choices and policies that ruined the country and contributed to the The collapse of the state, for these we say that the “Lebanese Forces” in Jezzine, as in all Lebanon, will maintain coexistence with all its components, especially in the Jezzine region, which is an example of it, coexistence from Reihan through Jezzine to Sidon. and its legitimate institutions, and support for the confinement of arms in the hands of the Lebanese army, the protector of the nation and its unity, with the help of the Lebanese security forces, we want Lebanon to be a prosperous country, and we want to recover the depositors’ looted money.”

Al-Asmar also called on all independent, sovereign and civil society representatives to stand together as an impenetrable dam in the face of the collapse of the country, “because the people are tired of problems and can no longer tolerate crises from the dollar, flour and fuel to the high cost of living, prices, medicine and communications, so effective solutions must be found quickly.”

For her part, Ayoub expressed her overwhelming happiness with the victory of the “Lebanese Forces” in the Jezzine region, stressing that “today is the date of Jezzine’s return to a Lebanese sovereign, which showed to all the world the importance of sovereignty and not to live in dhimmis and dependence.”

She added, “Until now, they are still studying and analyzing the results of the elections in Jezzine, and their attempts to understand what happened in Jezzine will continue, but to no avail, because the issue is not a matter of calculations and numbers, but rather a position, determination, will and belief from you in Lebanon and the cause.”

And she considered that “the elections have ended and work has begun, so the constitutional positions are not prizes to please anyone, and they are not kingdoms without accountability or oversight. The time for accountability has come, and the election of a president for the council does not involve bargaining over a seat from here or there. As for the government, it will be a university whose title is unity in the goal. Not national unity, which resulted in $100 billion in debt.”

Ayoub stressed that “we are committed to achieving justice for the martyrs of the port of Beirut, as we have not forgotten Alexandra, Joe, Sahar, Ralph, Charbel and Mireille … and we will work from within the parliament on draft laws that guarantee the fulfillment of all your demands and that will put Lebanon back on the right track, in preparation to restore life to it.” “

The celebration included troop and patriotic songs by the Levanos Choir led by Nasreen Al-Hosni.

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