Gears 5: Operation 7 features Ukkon and comes with bad news | Xbox one

After announcing a move toUnreal Engine 5, The Coalition returns to center stage today with the announcement of a new Operation Gears 5 which will be available on May 18, next Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. Unfortunately, the studio is also bringing bad news for gamers.

Ukkon back in Operation 7

Like the other operations, this news introduces new characters. This time, it will be necessary to count on the very charismatic Ukkon who made his debut in Gears Tactics, but also the daughter of Cole Train that we could see in Hivebusters. This Operation brings the Ephyra map, capital of the CGU which was built and rebuilt due to many conflicts. Finally, the Tower of Duty is renewed to unlock new elements. A new map and two new characters are expected to arrive in the middle of Operation, which is after five weeks.

No new weapon and soon the end of the game follow-up

Although the presentation artwork and trailer feature the ray of dawn, it is not about to make a comeback in PVE and PVP. The studio specifies that the Calcinator was the last new weapon that the game will welcome.

To end on a sad note, the Community Manager of Gears of War has announced that Operation 8 will be the last. After that, the studio will stop supporting the game. The servers will of course still be functional and the Tower of Duty will continue to renew itself.

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