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GeForce 527.37 driveris the defect information. It translates NVIDIA official known bugs and user reports found on overseas GeForce forums. User reports may not occur in all environments and may be environment dependent. I would appreciate it if you could refer to those who are worried about the same problem.

NVIDIA Official: Known Issues (Release Notes + Forum)

– In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the game crashes when launching the game using the Vulkan API [New]
In Halo Wars 2, the in-game leaf display is larger than usual and always blinks [New]
When HDR is enabled in Windows display settings, the video may be blown out when recording a DirectX 12 game with ShadowPlay
・If the version of Minecraft Java Edition is old, the display may become strange.
– On a GeForce RTX 4090 environment, the screen may flicker when looking at the sky while playing Watch Dogs 2.
– In an environment where DSR/DLDSR is enabled, the display may flicker temporarily after the monitor wakes up from sleep.
– In an environment using a non-native resolution, switching HDR on/off in-game causes the game to become unstable.
– Display driver installation fails on Microsoft Surface Book 2 with GeForce GTX 1060

User-reported glitches

・After using this driver, the display of Battlefield 2042 has become strange.[RTX3070]

My Razer Thunderbolt 4 Chroma dock is no longer recognized after installing 527.37.[RTX 3050 laptop / Windows 11]

– Forza Horizon 4 crashes after about 10 minutes.The last driver for this game to work was522.25was.
(*There are also multiple reports of Forza Horizon 4 crashing.)

・Brightness cannot be adjusted in the GeForce RTX 3060 mobile GPU environment. The last driver that worked was 522.25.

– Ghost Recon Breakpoint crashes when vertical sync is disabled. With vertical sync enabled it’s fine.[RTX4080]

– Uncharted Treasure Hunter Collection crashes when “Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling” (HAGS) is enabled. Disabling it works fine.[GTX1070]

– Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered crashes with “Insufficient GPU Memory” error.526.98, this error does not occur.[RTX4090]

– Trees flicker in Serious Sam 4.[RTX4090]

– Need for Speed ​​Unbound crashes randomly.[RTX4080]

There have been reports of some games crashing. If you have the same issue, please try to roll back the driver.the previous driver wasNVIDIA siteYou can download more.

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