GeForce NOW joins more than 40 games in June, “Phantom Abyss” is about to open

NVIDIA announced that the GeForce NOW June game lineup will join the “Saints Black 3 Remastered(Saints Row: The Third Remastered)》、《Mutation era(Biomutant)” and more than 40 games, and the preview of the upcoming summer “Phantom Abyss(Phantom Abyss)”, when the game is launched, GeForce NOW will be supported simultaneously.

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Saints Black 3 Remastered》Return of the remake; five cross-platform games released simultaneously

  《Saints Black 3 Remastered“Return and join GeForce NOW, and have released Steam and Epic Games Store versions. The remake uses enhanced graphics technology and provides all DLCs, including 3 expansion pieces and 30 DLCs of the original version. In addition, it contains “Mutation era》、《Man-eating shark(Maneater)》、《King of the Seven Seas(King of Seas)》、《Imagine Earth》和《Age of Warhammer Sigma: Storm Zone(Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground)” A total of five games were also released simultaneously, enriching the exciting content of the GeForce NOW game library.

DLC no need to download

GeForce NOW guarantees that your favorite games are automatically kept up-to-date, without the need to install additional game updates and patches.Just log in and click [遊玩], You can enjoy the best cloud gaming experience. Contains support for the latest expansion content and other downloadable content, without any local downloads. Three great games will get new DLC and can be streamed on GeForce NOW:

  • Evil hunting: a critical juncture“The Committed DLC contains a legendary hunter Monroe (Monroe), a legendary dagger (Pane) and a legendary Romero 77 double-barrel shotgun (lock and key). Now available on Steam, members can immediately start hunting operations.

  • Isle of Siptah is an open world survival game “Conan’s Exile“The large-scale expansion of the content, will end the first trial and will be launched on Steam. There are vast new islands to explore, huge and tiny novel creatures waiting to be hunted by players, new building combinations, and a series of new features. Players can explore 40 new NPC camps and points of interest on the map, three new NPC factions, new ways to acquire slaves, and more.

  • Announced last month Iron Harvest – Operation Eagle is the prestigious “Iron Harvest“The new expanded content, set in 1920’s Alternate Reality, has been launched on Steam and can be streamed through GeForce NOW. Lead this new faction through seven new single-player missions, while learning how to use new aviation forces in all playable factions in the game, including Polania, Saxony and Rusviet.

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Phantom Abyss“Coming soon

Devolver and Team WIBY experienced thrilling adventures in ancient dungeons, and this experience will be launched on GeForce NOW this summer. At that time, players are welcome to publish in Devolver Digital and Team WIBY not long ago.Phantom Abyss“Explore the unknown territory in “.

  《Phantom Abyss“Is a large-scale asynchronous multiplayer game. Players will enter the temple generated by the program. The task is to find the sacred relic hidden in the deadly temple. As you explore each maze, you must avoid traps and ambush, jump over the abyss, and defeat the enemy in order to obtain the holy artifacts at the end. By the way, you only have one chance in each temple. Fortunately, the adventurers you have tried one step earlier will turn into phantoms and join your adventure journey. You can learn from their routes to learn from experience and help yourself to complete the task.

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Josh Sanderson, Chief Programmer of Team WIBY, said: “”Phantom Abyss“And GeForce NOW hit it off. We can’t wait to let players explore every dungeon. Even if the adventurers’ gaming PCs are not up to standard, they can now stream from the cloud. “

The host is not around, but want to challenge it? Stream to your Android mobile device, Chrome Browser or any other supported device. No matter where you are, you can show your skills in the game. Members who purchased the game on Steam can play “Phantom Abyss“, and enjoy the classic high quality of GeForce.

Support RTX ON ultimate ray tracing and artificial intelligence

The RTX ON ray tracing technology and Deep Learning Ultra High Sampling (DLSS) supported by NVIDIA can also be achieved through GeForce NOW. Nowadays, the game content that can support RTX ON technology by GeForce NOW includes “CONTROL“series,”Electric Yu Renke 2077》、《Tomb Raider: Shadow》、《Watch Dogs: Freedom Legion》、《Wrench》、《Xuanyuan JianqiMore than fifteen games such as “Psychic”, “Deadly Shell”, etc. In the future, more new games will be added successively, increasing the lineup of RTX games in one fell swoop.

GeForce NOW Alliance Taiwan Mobile teamed up with “Apex hero》Last time and limited release in June

GeForce NOW Alliance Taiwan Mobile and “Apex hero》From now until June 30th, two good events will be launched for GeForce NOW members:
During the promotion period, Basic plan members and those who have no subscription plan can get a limited GeForce NOW “Premium Platinum Plan Monthly Subscription” discount code to enjoy the first 30 days of 99 yuan, upgrade to Premium Platinum members; and existing Premium Platinum members to achieve Designated cumulative “APEX hero“Playing hours, you can re-register the information to get a limited amount”APEX hero》Spread the eternal combo pack!
During the event period, new users who apply for the Platinum Membership Annual Subscription Plan, participate in the activities of the designated Bahamut Brave Welfare Club, or purchase designated laptops and desktops at designated cooperative channels, you can get the GeForce NOW “Premium Platinum Plan Monthly Subscription” Free coupon code for the first 30 days, and then participate in this activity, fill in the informationApex hero》Champion Edition game virtual treasure (worth NT$1,199).

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