Gegara Oezil, Kroos Was Never Branded a Nazi


Toni Kroos once launched a critique of Mesut Oezil because he retired from the German national team. As a result of this, Kroos was labeled as Nazi.

Oezil resigned shortly after Germany failed to advance from the 2018 World Cup group stage. Oezil is considered the culprit for Germany’s poor performance.

This was exacerbated by the appearance of a photo of Oezil with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan which made him heavily criticized by German fans. Oezil is considered no longer wholeheartedly defending Germany.

Oezil’s decision to retire at the age of less than 30 years has raised pros and cons. On the one hand, many regret that Oezil can actually contribute more to the team, while on the one hand Oezil is considered to have run out.

Kroos was one of those who didn’t like Oezil’s decision to retire. He questions why Oezil should retire in this way for reasons that are somewhat absurd, namely because of the criticism of the German media as well as racism.

“After the 2018 World Cup I said that I didn’t like Mesut Oezil’s retirement and the way he did it. And then I immediately became a Nazi for many people with blonde hair, blue eyes,” Kroos said on an Instagram live with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“But I got over it. Anyone can hide behind a fake profile and then insult other people without anyone being able to stop them,” he continued.

Kroos emphasized that Oezil was wrong by accusing the DFB and the German team of being racist. He said basically Ozil is an international player who deserves to go in a better way.

“The parts of his statement which are handled properly are sadly overshadowed by a much higher amount of bullshit. I think he knows very well that racism within the national team and in the DFB does not exist,” the Real Madrid midfielder confirmed.

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