“Geki Kawa Round Girl” that was talked about in the battle with Naoya Inoue Risa Yukihira was in tears | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Naoya Inoue (29) won the two-round TKO against Nonito Donaire (39) in the unification match of the three boxing teams held at Saitama Super Arena on June 7.

In a post-match interview, the round girl standing to the right of InoueSNSIs a fuss.Attracting the same attention as her Inoue, she stood in the world war ring for the first time.Risa Yukihira(27).

“3 yearsOLDebuted in the entertainment world after living, in 2020gravureI decorated the page of the youth magazine with. She wears lingerie-style costumes and is highly supported by the same sex. It seems that the number of Instagram followers has increased by 40,000 as a result of the Inoue match. “(Sports newspaper reporter)

The staff of the program production company reveals the reason for Yukihira’s tears.

“Mr. Yukihira is a type that is easy to empathize with, and even in YouTube’s stunning project, he cries. Again, I think he was weeping at the appearance of both players praising their good fight.”

Even after the break, Yukihira refrains from taking even more bold gravure shots. KO is inevitable for the challenge of a round girl.

( Weekly FLASH June 28, 2022 issue

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