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Brigadier General Gilbert Bokemba, Chief of Staff of the Army, left on July 29, he died at the Pierre-Mobengo Army Hospital following a short illness.

Gilbert Bokemba, was an airborne officer and commando instructor. He followed his initial training in Riazan (ex USSR), at the national commando training center of Mont-Louis (in France), at the unified military school of Odessa, then at the Frunze military academy in Moscow (ex USSR). The illustrious disappeared on General Bokemba, also attended the Institute of Higher National Defense Studies in Paris (France). He followed internships at the Compiègne staff school (France); at the infantry application school in Montpellier (France); at the staff of 11e DP in Toulouse; to 14e Balma’s command and service parachute regiment; to 9e Pamiers parachuting hunter regiment; to 17e Montauban parachuting engineer regiment; at the training center for airborne troops in Pau, France. Let us point out that General Gilbert Bokemba occupied, among others, the functions of corps commander of the airborne group; commander of military defense zone n ° 5, commander of defense zone n ° 2; Commander of Defense Zone 9. This high-ranking Congolese army officer received the following honorary distinctions: grand officer in the Congolese order of merit; gold medal of the Cross of military valor; Commander in the Order of the Peace and Security Council of Central Africa and Chad’s Medal of Military Valor. That his soul rests in peace

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