General Motors extends production cuts at its San Luis Potosí plant due to lack of chips

General Motors said Tuesday that it is extending production cuts at three North American plants, one of them in Mexico, until at least mid-March due to global shortage of semiconductor chips, while vehicles in two other factories would be partially built.

General Motors, whose shares fell nearly 1% after the announcement, did not disclose impact volumes or say which suppliers and vehicle parts were affected by the chip shortage.

However, the company said it will focus on keeping production running at the plants that make its most profitable vehicles: large pickup trucks and SUVs. General Motors It said it intended to make up as much of the lost production as possible once the chip shortage subsides.

“Semiconductor supply continues to be an issue facing the entire industry,” said GM spokesman David Barnas. “GM’s plan is to take advantage of all available semiconductors to build and ship our most popular and in-demand products.”

GM said it is extending downtime at its US plant in Fairfax, Kansas; its Canadian factory in Ingersoll, Ontario; and its Mexican installation in San Luis Potosí until mid-March when you will reassess the situation.

Further, General Motors It would assemble vehicles in Wentzville, Missouri, and at its Mexican plant in Ramos Arizpe.

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