general practitioners want to “bring the vaccine closer to patients”

Two of the main liberal doctors’ unions denounced on Thursday the difficulties encountered with the public authorities on the ground to open vaccination centers and obtain the doses of the precious remedy against Covid-19. “Anger” is mounting among general practitioners, warned Jacques Battistoni, president of MG France, during a press conference.

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“We do not give the means to operate at the liberal vaccination centers” to administer the vaccine against Covid-19, he said, testimonies in support. “We do not have authorizations easily, or endowments in vaccines, which we must negotiate,” he said, criticizing a difference in treatment with the hospital.

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“We see a kind of refocusing on hospitals”, which concentrate “with a ladle of three quarters” of the vaccination centers open to date. “It makes it possible to increase the figures” of vaccination more quickly, but “it will be more difficult to get people over 75 years old near them”, he warned.

“Shortest possible distance”

Jacques Battistoni pleaded for “to bring the vaccine closer to the patients”, with “a distance which must be as short as possible”, stressing that at least 70% of the general practitioners “are ready to vaccinate themselves”, according to a survey carried out last week with 2,350 practitioners. “We must accelerate”, also estimated Jean-Paul Ortiz, president of the CSMF, the first union among liberal doctors, who “has the impression that the administration is entangled in its heaviness”.

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“We used one sixth of the vaccines delivered by Pfizer,” or just under 250,000 people out of about 1.5 million doses received, he said. “Unlock all of these bottles!” He said, adding that “every day lost has catastrophic impacts from a health and economic point of view”.

This should in particular allow “that all caregivers are vaccinated as soon as possible, and not only those over 50 years”. “The country must do everything to preserve its caregivers who are at the front”, he justified, in particular for doctors, whose vaccination “serves as an example” for nurses and nursing assistants in whom “l membership is much less massive “.

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