Geneva – Absenteeism, violence: the reception of heavy cases of mental disability worries


The Public Institutions for Integration (EPI) are facing a shortage of staff and numerous incidents in certain sectors. Management and deputies are concerned.

Punches and kicks constitute more than half of the violence recorded.


About forty acts of violence against employees each month, an absenteeism rate of nearly 10%, tired and insufficient staff: this is what the “Geneva Grandstand», depicting the situation in certain sectors of Geneva PPE. These accommodate the heaviest cases of adults suffering from mental and psychic disabilities. The socio-educational sector is particularly affected. The director of the institution, Magali Ginet Babel, admits to having fears and pleads for a strengthening of the collaboration between all the actors. In particular for the care of between 20 and 30 people, who represent risks for themselves, other users and staff. They require individual support throughout the day.

Dilapidated fireplace

At the beginning of the year, the Finance Committee voted a subsidy to open 18 more positions to strengthen the replacement pool and cover 80% of absences. The management would also like to have a referring doctor on a daily basis, as well as better staff training for the management of severe behavioral disorders. The social cohesion department indicates that it is considering and supports the commitment of a doctor within the EPI. In addition, a motion by a deputy from Ensemble à Gauche will be submitted to the Grand Council to request the financing of additional positions by 2023 at the latest, to adapt the subsidy for PPE, as well as to ensure the rapid renovation of the home of the Combe, in Collonge-Bellerive. Decrepit, it was to be renovated, but it was discovered that it is in an agricultural area and must be decommissioned, a procedure that takes time.


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