Geneva – Banned from all Easyjet flights for a mysterious reason


A woman’s flight reservations were all rejected by the company. Solving the riddle took time.

Easyjet did not notify the Genevan of her banishment.

20min/Vanessa Lam

Why does Easyjet prevent Nassiba from booking a flight on its planes without giving him the reason? This question, the Geneva law student asked herself at the end of January, in the face of the silence of the company, going so far as to imagine that her Afghan origin perhaps explained her banishment. It turns out the reason was financial. But the mystery maintained around her case sits the young woman. “I wish someone had told me!”

Three discarded cards

Nassiba had realized the problem by booking a flight to Madrid, scheduled for mid-February, for her and a friend. Three times she tried to buy the tickets, three times the money was returned and the reservation canceled. However, she used her card, then that of her friend, finally that of a third party, for the same result. It was his name that stuck. Twice she called Easyjet. “They told me they couldn’t give me the reason.”

The strange Portuguese quack

A month of research later, the company delivers the key to the mystery. At the end of 2019, Nassiba traveled to Lisbon. The flight had been paid for by a friend there. Fraudulent use of her card having been reported, the transfer was canceled but the student traveled – by eye, without knowing it. Easyjet therefore considers that it “can no longer use our services” until it pays for this trip.

“Of course I will. But how could I have ignored this debt? The carrier states that customers are not automatically notified in such cases. The Lisbon banking blockage will remain unexplained: the friend whose card had been used died, regrets Nassiba.

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