Geneva – Doctors of transgender teens denounced by parents


The practitioners are under investigation for prescribing hormones to their underage patients, who wanted to make a gender shift.

Two Geneva doctors face the anger of disgruntled parents. Their daughters, two teenagers aged 16 and 17, suffer from gender dysphoria – feeling like they were born with the wrong sex. According to information from “Morning Sunday”, one of the two practitioners, a psychiatrist, had prescribed male hormones and breast removal last year to help them assert themselves as a boy. A treatment granted hastily during a period of questioning, believe the parents, who denounced the doctors to the Commission for the supervision of health professions. Two administrative investigations were thus opened against them, in March and June. Therapy for the two teens was also suspended.

The two doctors dispute any breach. If the results of the investigations prove them wrong, the sanction could range from a simple warning up to a fine of 20,000 francs or a recommendation to ban the practice addressed to the Department of Health. In Switzerland, a minor does not need the consent of his parents to request medical treatment, provided that his capacity for discernment is deemed sufficient.

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