Geneva – Owners criticized for overflowing garbage cans

Containers that overflow, shattered bags littering the ground, to the delight of the crows, and boxes jumbled together. This is what the inhabitants of two buildings in the Acacias suffered regularly, according to one of them. “It’s been like that since I arrived a few months ago,” Tania * testifies. It’s so horrible that I’m looking for a new apartment. ”

Horrified, the tenant alerted her management and the road network, “but nothing happened for weeks”. Last Thursday, finally, the plot which accommodates the containers in front of the building had regained an orderly appearance. And for good reason, “the road control unit, warned of the situation, asked the owners to kindly solve the problem, as they are required to do under the municipal bylaw, explains Cédric Waelti, spokesperson. of the Department of Security and Sports. In particular, they must provide sufficient containers and avoid mixing paper and garbage ”.

When contacted, the boards responsible for the buildings concerned did not wish their explanations to be published. At the start of the week, the waste space in the two buildings was still relatively clean.

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