Geneva – The State maintains its health insurance assistance measures

“With the Covid crisis, many have seen their incomes plunge suddenly, like the self-employed, for example. This is a reality that must be taken into account when granting health insurance subsidies. ” State Councilor Thierry Apothéloz, in charge of social cohesion, announced on Tuesday that the amendment last November of the implementing regulations for the law implementing the LAMal would continue. While it took a period of six months of declining income to be eligible for a subsidy, or to reassess its amount, one month is now sufficient. “As long as we are not out of this crisis, we will keep this reactive system,” assured Aldo Maffia, director general of the Office for social action, integration and integration.

Geneva had already operated a profound change of its health insurance aid policy, regardless of the pandemic. Since January 1, 2020, the number of subsidy recipients has indeed increased from 53,000 to around 120,000 people. The eligibility criteria have been lightened and the amounts of aid have increased, in particular to support the lower middle class. “We are satisfied with this change, which has had a concrete effect for families whose health premiums constitute a significant part of the budget, particularly in this period of crisis”, noted Thierry Apothéloz. The State indicates that the payment of ordinary subsidies, based on the determining income, is not delayed. On the other hand, it is about three months for the payment of special aid, as for people who have seen their income suddenly fluctuate.

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