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“Genocide” in Xinjiang?Wang Yi: Thinking of Indians, Negroes, Jews and Aboriginal Australians

Former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo claimed that China had committed “genocide” in Xinjiang. The current U.S. Secretary of State Blincol also said that he agreed with this statement. At the Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress, Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi refuted at a press conference that the claim that there was “genocide” in Xinjiang was absolutely absurd and completely ulterior rumors and outright lies. Wang Yi bluntly said that when it comes to genocide, he thinks of North American Indians, African slaves, Jews, and Aboriginal Australians. Among them, the Aboriginal Australians are still fighting today.

A reporter from the Global Times asked: “Recently, the United States and some Western countries slandered China’s actions in Xinjiang as constituting “genocide.” What do you think of this slander? How did China respond? “

Wang Yi said:

“When it comes to genocide, most people think of North American Indians in the 16th century, African slaves in the 19th century, Jews in the 20th century, and the Australian aborigines who are still fighting today.”

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Wang Yi pointed out that the so-called “genocide” in Xinjiang is absurdly absurd. It is an ulterior motive and a complete lie.

He explained that in the past 40 years, the Uyghur population in Xinjiang has doubled from 5.55 million to more than 12 million; in the past 60 years, Xinjiang’s economic aggregate has increased by more than 200 times, and the average life expectancy has increased from 30 to 72. year old. “Many foreign friends who have been to Xinjiang said that the Xinjiang they saw was completely different from the reports of individual Western media.”

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Wang Yi mentioned that French writer Maxime Vivas wrote a book called “The End of Uyghur Fake News.” Vivas used his two personal trips to Xinjiang to tell the truth about the prosperous and stable Xinjiang; The book makes it clear that it is those people who have never been to Xinjiang who are creating fake news and spreading false news in fabricated plagiarism.

Wang Yi criticized that some Western politicians would rather believe a lie made up by a few people than listen to the common voice of the more than 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang; they would rather cooperate with the clumsy performance of a few anti-China forces, but they would not face the basic facts of Xinjiang’s development . “This can only prove that they don’t care about the truth, but are keen on political manipulation, trying to artificially create the so-called Xinjiang-related issues, undermine the security and stability of Xinjiang, and hinder China’s development and growth.”

Wang Yi said that China welcomes more people from various countries to visit Xinjiang; seeing is believing, and the rumors will eventually be self-defeating.

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