Genshin Impact amassed over 20 million players in its first week

Genshin Impact, the game free-to-play latest from Chinese company miHoYo, today will be one week since its launch in en PC, PlayStation 4 and even on mobile devices Apple Y Android. Its launch has not gone unnoticed by anyone and has managed to build a robust community of players around the world in a very short time. In fact, during the first 24 hours of its debut, the team in networks of this videogame rewarded its players – who reached the level 10 in its Adventure Range– with the materials to make a free pull of 10 invocations for having passed the mark of 10 million pre-registrations. Not bad to start the adventure in the fantastic world of Teyvat.

Some analysts, according to a report from the news portal South China Morning Post, highlighted the success of Genshin Impact. It was emphasized that this is a sample of the capacity of the technical power and marketer from China. It was even made clear that there is a great ambition of Chinese developers to reach audiences not only in the region, but globally.

More than 20 million users downloaded Genshin Impact

The numbers that are handled are courtesy of the amount of pre-registrations reported in PC Y PlayStation 4as well as mobile devices Apple Y Android. It is known that within China it reached 16 million of pre-registered users; while almost 5.3 million users they shared that same condition in the rest of the world.

To put the more than 20 million users waiting for the departure of Genshin Impact, let’s take as an example what happened with Call of Duty: Mobile. It was learned that this first foray into the war game of Activision to mobiles reached 50 million pre-registrations. A milestone that is obviously linked to one of the first-person shooters most famous in the world, compared to a completely new intellectual property.

Right now more and more people are downloading Genshin Impact. The first few weeks are key for gacha games, as they must build loyalty from their players / customers by making them commit to opening the game every day. For this a series of rewards has been arranged that can be found here Y here. But they must hurry, because the version 1.1 is about to come out.

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