Genshin Impact players have spent a total of $3 million

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Genshin Impact It was a successful game since its launch and an important part of it had to do with its free-to-play RPG proposal that demonstrated the scope that a title of this type could have, betting on a model of the mobile market but applied on console and PCs. October 2020 was the month of his arrival and from then on everything has been good news for his company, miHoYo, to the extent that it already has billions of dollars in revenue.

Genshin Impact: synonymous with success

A recent Sensor Tower report (via, an analysis firm specializing in the mobile sector, revealed the most recent status of Genshin Impact in terms of income from player spending. In this sense, the news is excellent because since its launch, the free access RPG has received $3 million dollars from its users, taking into account that it is a game with a gachapon-type system that gives the opportunity to level up and obtain characters. add-ons with real money.

The player base of Genshin Impact continues to grow

As for the countries whose players spend the most on Genshin Impact China is in the first place contributing 30.7% of the total expenditure. Japan follows with 23.7% and in third place is the United States with 19.7%. In the same way, the success of Genshin Impact does not stop because, as the firm points out, its player base has increased in the first quarter of 2022 and a drop is not expected in the short term.

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At the moment, Genshin Impact has seen a brief delay for its 2.7 update due to a resurgence of COVID-19 that has affected the creative processhowever, the commitment between the miHoYo company and its community is such that there was no problem.

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