Geoffrey’s Daily Life with Zélie the Pig: Tips and Advice for Responsible Pig Ownership (Video)

2024-04-15 19:53:19

In Pottes, Geoffrey and his family share their daily life with a pig: “A cuddly animal but also a responsibility” (Video)

Six years ago, Geoffrey Haiart welcomed Zélie, an adorable slut who thrives in the home of the citizen of Cellois. Geoffrey emphasizes the precautions to take before welcoming such an animal into the home.

Geoffrey Haiart and Zélie. – V.H.

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By Valentin Huvenne Published on 04/15/2024 at 05:00

A few days ago, three pigs were abandoned in front of the Celles cemetery, before finally being welcomed by the non-profit organization Animaux en Péril. In Pottes, Geoffrey Haiart lives daily with Zélie, a six-year-old pig. He regrets the abandonment of these animals and puts forward an element of explanation: “Having a pig as a pet is a practice that is becoming more and more common, it has even become trendy. However, even more than for any other animal, this requires taking precautions before getting started. After birth, these animals are particularly small and cute. However, you must find out carefully beforehand. When they are still small, it is difficult to identify the breed of the animal. Zélie is a Göttingen-bred pig. Males also tend to be a little more nervous. All of these elements must be taken into account before getting started. »

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Zélie just after her birth.Zélie just after her birth. -DR

“The pigs abandoned in Celles are of Vietnamese breed. These gain a lot of weight over time and can easily reach 60kg. The owners of these animals have undoubtedly misjudged their growth curve.” For his part, Geoffrey took the plunge six years ago: “Initially, it was my wife who brought up the idea. We both love animals and after obtaining some information, we found this little pig in Essonne, in a professional breeder. After hesitating a little, we adopted Zélie and ever since, it’s been a real joy.”

A specific diet

A somewhat unusual domestic animal that evolves on a daily basis, both outdoors and indoors, in Geoffrey’s house: “When we are at home, she is free to come and go in the house and for six years, we have never found any needs in the house, it is a very clean animal contrary to popular belief. In our absence, Zélie has a dedicated room where he has his own little corner with food. We have to lock him up there because he’s a rather playful animal…”.

The pig is very cuddly.The pig is very cuddly. -DR

In terms of food, Zélie can count on a very specific diet: “You have to be careful not to do anything so that she doesn’t gain too much weight. This could lead to health problems. Zélie feeds mainly on cereals. It is an animal that is calm and even very cuddly but which involves responsibilities. Some special care is necessary and a little expensive. Sometimes you have to cut your nails, for example. For this, we call on a lady who comes from Holland and who does just that throughout Europe. »

Zélie is six years old today.Zélie is six years old today. – V.H.

At Geoffrey’s, Zélie also shares her daily life with a small dog, chickens and two rabbits. A cohabitation which poses no problem: “She is rather fearful in fact. When we have friends over for a house party, she tends to stay away, she’s even a little jealous sometimes. » smiles the Pottois.

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