George Bush congratulates Joe Biden and asks him to unite the country

Former US President George W. Bush has been unmarked from the official silence of the Republican Party and of Donald Trump’s strategy of not acknowledging his defeat and has congratulated the Democrat Joe Biden for his victory in the elections last Tuesday, which he described as “fair” and “whole”. Bush thanked Biden for his “patriotic message” Saturday in his acceptance speech and asked him to work for unite the country.

“Although we all have our political differences, I know that Joe Biden is a good man who has earned the opportunity to lead and unify our country,” said in a statement the 43rd president of the United States. “Americans can be confident that these elections were essentially fair, that their integrity was upheld and their outcome is clear,” he added.

He insisted that the country “must be unified for the good of our families and our neighbors, and for our nation and its future.” And in this regard calling on Americans to support the new president: “We urge all Americans to join us in wishing the best to our next president and our next vice president as they prepare to take on their important responsibilities.”

Bush has explained that he had spoken by phone with Biden to congratulate him and that he offered him the same thing as the previous presidents, Donald Trump and Barack Obama: “My prayers for your success, and my commitment to help in any way that I can.”

The Texan politician also wanted to recognize the great efforts of the Trump campaign, which “won the vote of more than 70 million Americans”, something that he has described as an “extraordinary political achievement.” He has also defended Trump’s right to request a vote count already present legal resources, which will lead to “any unresolved matter will be duly judged.”

Likewise, he has also referred to the high turnout in the elections, which he considers a “positive sign of the health of our democracy and a reminder to the world of its strength.”


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