George Clooney gave these 14 friends a million

The Hollywood star gave each of his buddies a suitcase with a million dollars.

Everyone wants a friend like that. George Clooney quickly invited his 14 closest friends and gave them a million dollars (around 840,000 euros) each. Appropriately, the money was in suitcases.

The Hollywood legend tells “CQ” magazine why he gave his friends so rich gifts. “They helped me when I needed help over the years. And I helped them when they needed help. We’re all good friends. ”His friends have always been there for him over the past 35 years.

The lucky ones include TV director Ben Weiss, cult actor Richard Kind and Steve Lukather, the guitarist of Toto.

This is the full list of friends

  • David sagal

  • John Lambros

  • Richard Kind

  • Michael Heslov,

  • Tommy Hinkle

  • Ben Weis

  • Grant Password

  • Thom Mathews

  • Waldo sanchez

  • Verge Gerber

  • Matt Adle

  • Steve Lukather

  • Miguel Ferrer

  • Mike Meldman

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