George Clooney is looking for a quiet life as he turns 60

The famous American actor, George Clooney, said that he does not think about working in politics because he would rather “have a nice life than work.”
Clooney added: “I turned sixty this year, and the dynamic has changed a bit, and I had a conversation with my beloved wife Amal, and we work a lot, as are the two of us, and I said we should think about these years as happy, calm and very successful.”

He continued: “If our health is good, which we enjoy, and I am sixty years old, I can still play basketball and do a lot of the things that I love. And with our family.”
He stated: “In twenty years, I will be 80, which is a realistic number. It doesn’t matter how much you do, what you eat, you are 80, so I said we must ensure that we enjoy and live these years in the best possible way.”
Clooney explained that he would consider reducing his workload, and instead of doing three jobs a year, I would work one, but added that “not working would be annoying.”


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