George Clooney offered $ 14 million in cash to his friends

What I own are these guys who over a period of 35 years have helped me somehow get it, George Clooney tells GQ magazine. I slept on their sofa when I was broke. They loaned me money when I was at its lowest. They have helped me over the years. You know, without them, I wouldn’t have any of that. ”

The star, now 59, first thought about putting her friends and the money in her will. “We were all very close so I just thought if I was hit by a bus they would all be in the will, sued Amal’s husband and father of twins Ella and Alexander. But why wait to be hit by a bus? ” George Clooney finally decided to thank them during his lifetime by offering each one this tidy sum of a million dollars. How? ‘Or’ What? In cash! The Urgences star saw a certain urgency in it … he invited them one day to a restaurant and gave them the money contained in bags.

How to get 14 million tickets incognito?

But how to recover this sum in cash? It’s no secret to the famous Ocean Eleven robber. The actor does his research and finds a store in “Downtown Los Angeles where you can get pallets of cash”, he sums it up like this, still at GQ. And, like in a movie, George Clooney says he drove an old van with the inscription “Florist” on the body. Not telling anyone about his project, apart from his assistant and a few “scared” security guards, the exchange takes place and George Clooney leaves with 14 bags each filled with a million dollars in cash.

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